Homeschool Homecoming

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Homecoming has always been associated with sports, and while homeschoolers have been in sports for decades, we've never had a proper homecoming dance. Steps In Time recognized this and approached Genesis to partner together to provide this event to the entire homeschool community across the Midwest.

Steps In Time leaders have been involved in many successful events including homeschool proms, dances, and balls that have served the homeschool community for years.  They have a commitment to high standards and excellence that is consistent with Genesis' core values. 

This is not a Genesis event but an event for the entire homeschool community where Genesis is one of the sponsors.  Consider participating in this high school event with your teammates and friends.  Additional details are below.   

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Friday, August 26th

6:00 p.m.

Indiana Roof Ballroom

Downtown Indianapolis

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  • What is the dress code?

  • Will there be chaperones?

  • What is on the dinner menu?

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