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 Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Currently, I'm not a part of Genesis but am interested. How can I be notifiied of future opportunities?"
    A: On the website, click on the name of the sport(s) from the menu and then choose the contact link at the bottom of that menu. You can then fill out a form for that specific sport where you can ask to be added to the "Interested Families" email group. This email group is used to communicate about upcoming activities for that sport where you child can register.
  • Q: If we are not a Christian family, can we still be a part of Indy Genesis?"
    A: Yes! Genesis is open to all homeschool students and famlies regardless of faith. Since we are a Christian organization, we do require the board members and head coaches to be followers of Jesus Christ in agreement with our Statement of Faith. This provides a firm foundation as we commit to our mission, vision, and values.
  • Q: Who do I contact if I want to approach a company about a sponsorship?
    A: Genesis has a business sponsorship package that you can use to help with those conversations. Please contact the Treasurer for your child's sport. The Treasurer's name and contact information can be found in the directory on the Genesis App.
  • Q: How can I apply to be a head coach or an assistant coach?
    A: Genesis believes the coaches are one of the most important roles in the organization. We are thankful for parents and individuals willing to invest in youth as a coach. If you are interested in being a head coach or an assistant to help the head coach, you can notify the board for that sport one of two ways: 1. Send an email to the Athletic Director for your sport (contact information found on the Genesis App) 2. Fill out the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of this web page and share the specific sport and level of your interest. Also, it is important to note that Genesis provides many resources to help coaches be the best they can be. We use Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) 3D Coaching Model as our approach to coaching youth where we focus on the body, mind, and heart. FCA has found this approach to be effective for many years. In addition, we provide a Coaches Development Center with additional resources available.
  • Q: What if I can’t afford to participate?
    A: Indy Genesis offers families several options in this situation: A) Earn 50% for every business sponsorship you sell to be applied to your registration fees! If you are able to bring in a financial gift from a business, you will receive 50% of the money as a deduction in your registration fees. The other half will go to Genesis to help with ongoing expenses. If the season has already started, you will be written a check to reimburse you for this registration fee deduction. There are some families that have not had to pay any registration fees because they have been able to bring in enough business gifts to cover their fees. B) Scholarships In the event of a difficult family situation (e.g., parent losing a job, financial hardship, etc.) the board will help families. We want all youth to be able to compete regardless of their situation. In the event you have a financial hardship, please contact the Athletic Director for your sport. C) Ride-sharing With a lot of homeschool families involved in Genesis, there are many to connect with to share rides to/from practices or competitions. Genesis provides a "Ride Map" within our Genesis App that shows where all families live so you can contact someone who lives near you for help. It is a game-changer to help with busy families!
  • Q: Can non-homeschooled athletes participate in Indy Genesis?
    A: Indy Genesis is able to grant exceptions to our eligibility policy if a child is enrolled in a private school which does not offer a sport provided by Indy Genesis. In this case, however, there must be no government funding involved in the provision of the child’s education. For more information on Athlete Eligibility Requirements please click here.
  • Q: How do I register?
    A: Please use our registration page, which can be found here.
  • Q: I’m new to Genesis, where do I go to find information?"
    A: There are many resources provided to families once you have registered: 1. The primary resource is the Genesis App. It includes the master calendar, contact information, links to maps of locations of practices and competitions, ride-sharing across families, drills by coaches, photos from games, and more. Please contact the Secretary for your sport for the instructions to install the app. 2. Many sports have a "Team Mom" that manages communication for your team. Ask your head coach who that contact may be for your team. 3. Weekly summary emails are sent highlighting important items for your sport. Once you register, the emails you provide for you and your spouse will be added to the email group for your child's team and sport.
  • Q: What is the best way to know the official schedule for the team as well any changes?
    A: Genesis only puts game information on the master calendar once they are 100% confirmed. As a result, you can trust the master calendar is up-to-date. All master calendars for each team can be found on Schedules tab of the Genesis App and the website. Any changes to the schedule occuring outside the day of the event will be communicated via email to the team. Any day of event changes (e.g., rainout, field change, etc.) will be communicated via text using the phone number provided during registration.
  • Q: Are all Indy Genesis athletes homeschooled?
    A: Yes. Indy Genesis is a homeschool sports organization. To be considered eligible by Indy Genesis, the parent must direct the education of their child at least 51% of the time. This definition does not preclude parents paying for private educational services as a supplement to their child’s education but it does exclude any government funding for educational services provided to the child. Indy Genesis is able to grant exceptions to this policy if a child is enrolled in a private school which does not offer a sport provided by Indy Genesis. In this case, however, there must be no government funding involved in the provision of the child’s education. For more information on Athlete Eligibility Requirements please click here.
  • Q: How do I order Indy Genesis athletic apparel?
    A: Genesis offers more than 50 options for Genesis athletic apparel. To help, we have our own Amazon store with 2 day shipping. Click hereto find all items.

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions for volleyball. For other related questions, please submit them via the volleyball contact page. 

For overall general questions, please go to General FAQ page. For a specific question about Volleyball not answered above, please go to the Volleyball contact page.

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