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Cross Country History


Genesis Cross Country 2023 All Club.jpg

Sixth Row L-R: Ryan Siebert, Gabriel Alexander, Noah Tolbert, Josiah Main, Michael Birdwell, Micah Bopp, Michelle Habing, Rick Sica, Aaron Hodge, Mike Kliber

Fifth Row L-R: Kevin Layton, Gunner Killebrew, Daniel Gollahon, Isaiah Zwirn, Teige Conlin, Joey Wagner, Nathan Tuttle, Julian Bierman, Obadiah Bird, Isaac Zwirn, Isaiah Bird, Wyatt Mills, Samuel Main

Fourth Row L-R: Lucy Fay, Bella Killebrew, Olivia Jukes, Anna Fritch, Elena Georgen, Kayla Welch, Jubilee Georgen, Fiona Sodrel, Julianna Britt, Starla Jukes, Macy Kline, Mary Fritch, Lauren Bopp, Claire Kneeland, Piper Hodge

Third Row L-R: Shane Kyle, Xavier Siebert, Kayden Bierman, Alexander Kinsey, Josiah Georgen, Uriah White, Hannah Bopp, Victoria Jukes, Abigail Kliber, Haylee Blanton, Rebecca Piper, Jonathan Gollahon, Henry Zike

Second Row L-R: Noah Mills, Kye Fay, Luke Layton, Heather Habing, Kylynn Neal, Clare Fritch, Adelise Georgen, Laura Britt, Hailey Kyle, Nadia Bird, Greta McBride, Franklin Crane

First Row L-R: Emma Piper, Jared Gollahon, Aaron Hodge, Haydn Hodge, Caleb Habing, Samantha Layton, Antonia Georgen, Grace Fritch

Girls Varsity - State Champions, Midwest Champions
Boys Middle School - State Runner-up


All Cross Country.jpg

Back L-R: Micah Bopp, Sam Holst, Matthew Rupel, Daniel Gollahon, Uriah Bird, Caleb Tolbert, Rick Sica Head Coach, Tony Shepard Assistant Coach, Kevin Layton Assistant Coach, Jon Rupel Assistant Coach

Fifth Row L-R: Elena Georgen, Sydney Rupel, Sam Fay, Rachel Cooper, Martin Williamson, Obadiah Bird, Michaela Spoonamore, Kaden Hardee, Rylan Hardee, Lauren Bopp, Gabriel Alexander, Teige Conlin, Adam Shepard

Fourth Row L-R: Julianna Britt, Starla Jukes, Joey Wagner, Fiona Sodrel, Alli Proctor, Kayla Welch, Isaiah Bird, Claire Kneeland, Jubilee Georgen, Lorelai Kliber, Liliana Georgen, Olivia Jukes

Third Row L-R: Addison Rupel, Josiah Georgen, Matalyn Guyer, Megan Cooper, Lucy Fay, Hannah Bopp, Jackson Wiese, Shane Kyle, Julian Bierman, Elisabeth Coon, Anna Fritch, Mary Fritch, Ava Jukes

Second Row L-R: Laura Britt, Adelise Georgen, Eliana Hardee, Hailey Kyle, Nadia Bird, Shekhinah Santosh, Haylee Blanton, Luke Neher, Abigail Kliber, Jonathan Gollahon, Victoria Jukes, Henry Zike, Elijah Spoonamore, Kayden Bierman

First Row L-R: Grace Fritch, Evan Hardee, Kaia Spoonamore, Antonia Georgen, Samantha Layton, Joey Howard, Ella Langdon, Ryker Selby, Luke Layton, Adelyn Hardee, Clare Fritch, Asher Spoonamore, Kye Fay

Girls Varsity - State Champions, Midwest Runner-up
Boys Varsity - State Runner-up



Fifth Row L-R: Jeff Zike, Daniel Gollahon, Declan Campbell, Sam Holst, Bradley Rupel, William Lancaster, Wyatt Lancaster, Jon Rupel
Fourth Row L-R: Mike Kliber, Ava Jukes, Olivia McBride, Lauren Bopp, Saylor Lancaster, Hailey Ready, Alli Proctor, Sydney Rupel, Rick Sica
Third Row L-R: Elisabeth Coon, Lorelai Kliber, Jackson Wiese, Julian Bierce, Matthew Rupel, Sam Fay, Joey Wagner, Julianna Britt, Eliya Sica
Second Row L-R:  Gianna Sica, Mary Fritch, Starla Jukes, Lucy Fay, Addison Rupel, Olivia Jukes, Susie Drake, Abigal Kliber, Clare Fritch
Front Row L-R: Samantha Layton, Laura Britt, Victoria Jukes, Luke Neher, Jonathan Gollahon, Henry Zike, Anna Fritch, Matalyn Guyer, Luke Layton, Ella Langdon

Girls Varsity - State Champions
Girls Ele
mentary - National Champions


Girls Varsity - State Runner-up, Secina Invitational Champions
Girls Middle School - Midwest Runner-up, State Runner-up

Screenshot_20200919-091319_Photos (1).jpg

Back L-R: Michelle Cline Ad, John Rupel Assistant Coach, Jeff Zike Assistant Coach, Rick Sica Head Coach, Taylor Conett Assistant Coach.
Third Row L-R: Sam Holst, Daniel Gollahon, William Lancaster, Jack Drake, Brad Cline, David Cline, Wyatt Lancaster, Teige Conlin, Bradley Rupel.
Second Row L-R: Alley Procter, Eliya Sica, Lorelai Kliber, Sydney Rupel, Hayley Ready, Saylor Lancaster, Macy Cline, Julianna Britt.
First Row L-R: Lindsey Weise, Isaiah Hightshue, Jackson Weise, Chloe Farmer, Elizabeth Bierce, Claire Kneeland, Matthew Rupel, Henry Zike, Addi Rupel.


Girls Varsity- Midwest Runner-Up; Girls Middle School- Midwest Runner-Up
Boys Middle School - Indiana State Champions
Elementary - Indiana State Champions, Midwest Champions

01 2019 Indy Genesis CC All Team.jpg

Back L-R: Coach Rick Sica, Coach Jeff Zike, Coach Jon Rupel, Coach Zach Lau, Coach Amber Lau
Fourth L-R: John Fritch, Joe Fritch, William Lancaster, Bradley Rupel, Jack Drake, David Cline, Sam Holst, Teige Conlin, Bradley Cline, Wyatt Lancaster.  
Third L-R: Sydney Rupel, Eliya Sica, Saylor Lancaster, Hailey Ready, Allison Proctor, Esther Blake, Emma Foster, Jezaya Kempf, Macy Cline, Uriah Bird.  
Second L-R: Isaiah Bird, Anna Fritch, Lindsey Wiese, Obadiah Bird, Matthew Rupel, Jackson Wiese, Addison Rupel, Mary Fritch, Quinn Wise.  
Front L-R: Luke Layton, Annabella Lau, Henry Zike, Isaac Duncan, Amelia Hormann, Clare Fritch, Serenity Lau, Nadia Bird.  


Girls Varsity - Indiana State Champions
Boys Middle School - Indiana State Champions, Midwest Champions

2018 Indy Genesis XC Team-1.jpg

Back L-R: Coach Rick Sica, William Lancaster, Wyatt Lancaster, Brad Cline, David Cline, Brayden Henkle, Hailey Ready, Saylor Lancaster, Ryan Rueff, Taylor Neil, Eliya Sica, Micah Rueff, Coach Ben Houston
Front L-R: Macy Cline, Gianna Sica, Bradley Rupel, Teige Zike, Sam Holst, Quinn Delcan, Isaiah Hightshue, Jackson Wiese, Claire Kneeland, Jezaya Kempf, Natalia Longard


The Genesis of Indy Genesis Cross Country
Girls Varsity - Hauser Invitational Champions


Back L-R:  Head Coach Crystal Neil, Luke Rueff, Brad Cline, Ryan Rueff, David Cline, Donavon Avalos, Garrett Borter, Assistant Coach Ben Houston.
Front L-R: Kennedi Toloday, Gianna Sica, Jezaya Kempf, Macy Cline, Eliya Sica, Taylor Neil, Penelope Avalos. 


The Beginning of Indy Genesis Cross Country

In the summer of 2017, Crystal Neil called Matt Hogan, Genesis Athletic Director, to learn about homeschool sports for her family.  Her daughter Danielle was interested in playing soccer and that was the only sport Genesis offered.  Matt asked if she had any other kids, and she mentioned she had a daughter named Taylor who was interested in Cross Country.  Matt had attended many large homeschool Midwest and National Championships where other organizations provide multiple sports within one organization.  He approached his board about taking a step of faith to start another sport, cross country, to provide more opportunities for homeschool athletes.  The board agreed and accepted Crystal's proposal to start a cross country team and serve as the Athletic Director.

A communication was put out to the homeschool community about a new cross country team.  There were thirteen (13) kids across middle school and high school who joined the first year.  Officially, we had a boys and girls varsity team but they included middle school athletes to make a team.  The team competed in six local cross country meets as well as the Midwest Cross Country Championships.  It was a great first season with many athletes involved.

The team has grown to now provide elementary teams as well as become the host for the Midwest Cross Country Championships. 


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