Cross Country Frequently Asked Questions

Cross Country FAQ

Q: What levels are offered for Cross Country?

A: The levels we offer include Elementary, Middle School and Highschool (Junior Varsity & Varsity)

Q: Where and when does the team practice?

A: All team levels practice three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday) at parks in and around the Greenwood area from 6-8pm. Wednesday practice is optional for elementary athletes. Parks used include Northeast Park, Freedom Park, Westside Park, Don Challis Park and Independence Park.

Q: When does the season start and end?

A: The official season starts the week after July 4th and ends in mid-October. After season opportunities are also available to our athletes, but not required. These include the National Christian and Homeschool Championship, the USATF Jr Olympics and NXR championships in November.

Optional summer conditioning is offered once a week in June/July.
Most athletes who compete in cross country also join the track team in the spring to continue to train and run.

Q: Who do we play?

A: We compete against public, private, and other homeschools.

Q: What is the age eligibility requirements for players?

A: - Players must be ages 9 -12 on 9/1 to participate on the Elemenatry level - Players must be ages 13 - 14 on 9/1 and 15-18 on 9/1 to participate on the Middle School Level (Not eligible if 19 on or before 9/1) Note: Players are allowed to play up one level if approved by school, coach and parent

Q: How long has the Cross Country team been around?

A: Indy Genesis Cross Country started in 2017

Q: Where and when are meets/events held?

A: We compete against public schools, private schools and other homeschools around the Indianapolis area. Competitions start in mid-August and finish in mid-October. Indy Genesis strives to provide a combination of big and small events to allow our athletes to compete on a variety of courses, to provide opportunities for our athletes to be successful, and to schedule some tough competition to push our athletes.

Most meets are held on Saturday mornings, but there are occasional mid-week evening competitions.

Q: Is there a uniform?

A: Yes. A uniform is provided to the athlete at no additional charge. The uniform must be returned at the end of the season. There is a $40 replacement fee if the uniform is lost, destroyed, or not returned.

Q: What are the age groups that can participate?

A: We have opportunities for Elementary (3rd-5th), Middle School (6th-8th) and High School (Jr Varsity and Varsity). Younger athletes (2nd grade and lower) are considered based on ability and coach approval. Athletes can run up one division based on parent/coach decision.

For Jr Varsity and Varsity teams, a player must not have had his/her 19th birthday prior to September 1 of the current season. Each of the Varsity boys team and Varsity girls team is typically comprised of the top 7 high school runners, but the number is ultimately based on the rules established by each event organizer. Events typically allow an unlimited number of JV runners.

Q: Does my child need previous experience?

A: No. While Indy Genesis is a competitive cross country program, no previous running experience is required.

The head coach assesses each runner based on his/her ability and develops an individual training plan to build a runner’s confidence, strength, and stamina.

Q: Do teams travel?

A: Some travel is required, but no overnight stays are necessary during the regular season. Most meets are in the Indy-metro area, but there is occasional statewide travel.

There is an opportunity to go to a National competition in Tennessee at the beginning of November, but it is not required. The athlete can also compete in the USATF Jr Olympics, but the fees associated with these events are not paid for by Indy Genesis.

Q: How do I register?

A: Please use our registration page, which can be found here.

Q: How much does the program cost?

A: Costs vary depending on age. There is a 30% discount for siblings in the same sport. Check the Cross Country Registration web page for specifics for the season.

Q: Are all Indy Genesis athletes homeschooled?

A: Yes. Indy Genesis is a homeschool sports organization. To be considered eligible by Indy Genesis, the parent must direct the education of their child at least 51% of the time.

This definition does not preclude parents paying for private educational services as a supplement to their child’s education but it does exclude any government funding for educational services provided to the child.

Indy Genesis is able to grant exceptions to this policy if a child is enrolled in a private school which does not offer a sport provided by Indy Genesis. In this case, however, there must be no government funding involved in the provision of the child’s education.

For more information on Athlete Eligibility Requirements please click here.

Q: Are refunds provided?

A: Yes. Automatic refunds are available up until the day of the first game of the season. Refunds after the first game are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Do you provide insurance?

A: Yes. In the rare case of an injury to a player, all Indy Genesis players have access to insurance provided by Indy Genesis.

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