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Genesis Apparel / Spirit Wear

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Want a Genesis shirt or hoodie to support your athlete while watching the game?  We have put together many options in kids and adult sizes. 

We have improved the experience so you can get your order in two (2) days.  You no longer have to wait for a bulk order or for weeks to receive your order.  We have worked to get our own Genesis Wear Store on Amazon.  Free shipping is available as well.

We have kids and adult sizes for t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.  Pictures of many of the items are below.  To put in an order, please visit our store on Amazon at:  (hold down your finger if you are on your phone)


(For Amazon store, digital images need to be optimized for 8" tall and 300 dpi)

General Indy Genesis Apparel

G  T-Shirt - RedWhite.jpg
G T-Shirt - BlueWhite.jpg
G  T-Shirt - GrayBlue.jpg
G  T-Shirt - GrayWhite.jpg
G T-Shirt - WhiteBlue.jpg
G Long Sleeve T-Shirt - BlueWhite.jpg
G Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayBlue.jpg
G Pullover Hoodie - GrayWhite.jpg
G Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayWhite.jpg
G Pullover Hoodie - BlackWhite.jpg
G Pullover Hoodie - WhiteBlue.jpg
G Pullover Hoodie - GrayBlue.jpg

Basketball Apparel

BB T-Shirt - RedBlueWhite.jfif
BB T-Shirt- WhiteRedBlue.jpg
BB T-Shirt- WhiteRed.jpg
BB Long Sleeve T-Shirt- BlueWhite.jfif
BB Long Sleeve T-Shirt- BlueWhiteRed.jpg
BB Long Sleeve T-Shirt- GrayBlueRed.jpg
BB Pullover Hoodie - GrayBlueRed.jpg
BB Long Sleeve T-Shirt- GrayWhiteRed.jpg
BB Pullover Hoodie - GrayWhiteRed.jpg
BB Pullover Hoodie - BlueWhiteRed.jpg
BB Long Sleeve T-Shirt-GrayBlueWhite.jfi
BB Pullover Hoodie - BlueWhite.jpg

Cross Country Apparel

CC T-Shirt - Red.jpg
CC Pullover Hoodie- Gray.jpg
CC T-Shirt - White.jpg
CC T-Shirt - WhiteRedBlue.jpg
CC T-Shirt - GrayBlue.jpg
CC T-Shirt - GrayRedBlue.jpg
CC Long Sleeve T-Shirt- GrayBlue.jpg
CC Long Sleeve T-Shirt- GrayBlueRed.jpg
CC Pullover Hoodie- GrayRedBlue.jpg

Soccer Apparel

G T-Shirt - Red2.jpg
G Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Gray2.jpg
G Pullover Hoodie - Gray.jpg
G  T-Shirt - Gray.jpg
S T-Shirt - GrayWhite.jpg
S Pullover Hoodie - GrayWhite.jpg
S Pullover Hoodie - GrayBlue.jpg
G T-Shirt - BlueWhiteRed.jpg
G Pullover Hoodie - Gray2.jpg
G T-Shirt - Blue2.jpg
G T-Shirt - Red.jpg
G  T-Shirt - Gray2.jpg
G T-Shirt - Blue.jpg
G Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Blue.jpg
S Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayWhite.jpg
G Pullover Hoodie - Blue.jpg
S T-Shirt - RedWhite.jpg
S T-Shirt - WhiteWhite.jpg
S Pullover Hoodie - BlueWhite.jpg
G Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Gray.jpg
S T-Shirt - BlackWhite.jfif
S Long Sleeve T-Shirt - BlueWhite.jpg
S T-Shirt - WhiteBlue.jpg
S T-Shirt - WhiteBlueRed.jpg
S T-Shirt - GrayBlue.jpg
S T-Shirt - GrayBlueRed.jpg
S Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayBlue.jpg
S Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayBlueRed.jfif
S Pullover Hoodie - GrayBlueRed.jpg
S T-Shirt - WhiteWhite.jpg
S T-Shirt - GrayWhite.jpg
S Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayWhite.jpg
S Pullover Hoodie - BlueWhite.jpg
S Pullover Hoodie - GrayBlueRed.jpg

Track Apparel

T Sleeve T-Shirt - RedWhite.jpg
T T-Shirt - BlueWhiteRed.jpg
T Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayWhiteRed.jpg
T Pullover Hoodie - GrayBlueRed.jpg
T T-Shirt - WhiteBlueRed.jpg
T Long Sleeve T-Shirt -
T T-Shirt - GrayWhiteRed.jpg
T Long Sleeve T-Shirt - BlueWhiteRed.jpg
T T-Shirt - GrayBlueRed.jpg
T Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayBlueRed.jpg
T Pullover Hoodie - GrayBlueWhite.jpg

Volleyball Apparel

V T-Shirt - RedWhite.jpg
V T-Shirt - GrayWhite.jpg
V Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayBlue.jpg
V T-Shirt - RedWhiteRed.jpg
V Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayWhiteRed.jpg
V T-Shirt - Blue.jpg
V Pullover Hoodie - BlueBlueWhiteRed.jpg
V T-Shirt - BlueWhiteRed.jpg
V Long Sleeve T-Shirt - BlueWhiteRed.jfi
V Pullover Hoodie - BlueWhiteRed2.jpg
V T-Shirt - RedBlack.jpg
V T-Shirt - GrayBlue.jpg
V Pullover Hoodie - BlueWhite.jpg
V T-Shirt - BlueWhite.jpg
V Pullover Hoodie - GrayRedWhiteRed.jpg
V T-Shirt - GrayBlueWhite.jpg
V Pullover Hoodie - GrayBlueWhite.jpg
V T-Shirt - GrayWhiteRed.jpg
V Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayWhiteRed.jfi
V Pullover Hoodie - GrayWhiteRed.jpg
V Long Sleeve T-Shirt - BlueWhite2.jpg
V T-Shirt - WhiteBlue.jpg
V Pullover Hoodie - GrayWhite.jpg
V T-Shirt - GrayRedWhite.jpg
V T-Shirt - RedBlueWhite.jpg
V Long Sleeve T-Shirt - BlueBlue.jpg
V T-Shirt - RedBlueWhite.jfif
V T-Shirt - GrayBlueRed.jpg
V Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayBlueRed.jpg
V Pullover Hoodie - GrayBlueRed.jpg
V Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayWhite.jpg
V T-Shirt - BlackWhite.jpg
CC Pullover Hoodie- GrayBlue.jpg
V Long Sleeve T-Shirt - BlueWhiteRed.jpg
V Long Sleeve T-Shirt - GrayBlueWhite2.j
V T-Shirt - White.jpg
V T-Shirt - WhiteBlueRed.jpg
V T-Shirt - GrayBlueWhite.jfif
V Long Sleeve T-Shirt -
V Pullover Hoodie - GrayBlueWhite2.jpg

Genesis Athletics Apparel

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