Gospel Award

Spiritual Growth is one of our three core values as an organization. 


As a Christian organization, the foundation is the gospel.  We believe God has a plan for man to have peace and an abundant life.  But, due to our willful sin, we are separated from God.  God provided a remedy for us to have a relationship with Him 




 That Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross provides the only ground for salvation; that salvation is by God's grace alone; and that only as one puts their personal faith in Jesus Christ is one born of the Holy Spirit and made a child of God.


To this end, Genesis created the Gospel Award to be given to those high school athletes who memorize the scripture verses of the gospel and clearly share it with his/her team after a practice.  We are going to use Billy Graham’s material from his ministry as the structure to use for sharing the gospel. 

Indy Genesis

Striving to develop Champions for Christ