Gospel Award

Gospel Award Patch.png

Spiritual Growth is a core value of Genesis.  The leadership in the organization asked ourselves, “What is the most important thing we would want a Genesis athlete to know when they graduate?”

Paul tells us in 1 Peter 3:15, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”  As a homeschool sports organization, we believe the most important thing is to know the gospel of Jesus Christ.

With this in mind, Genesis created a Gospel Award several years ago that can be earned by any high school athlete in Genesis.  We use Billy Graham ministries “Steps to Peace with God” material for gospel material.  Specifically, what scripture verses to use and what approach to use. 


An athlete can earn the Gospel Award if they meeting the following requirements: 

1.  Memorize the bridge illustration and each of the scripture verses in Billy Graham’s “Steps to Peace with God” (in the version of the Bible the athlete chooses).

2.  Share the gospel with each of the verses with the Director of Spiritual Growth on the Executive Board

3.  Share the gospel with each of the verses with his/her full team


If an athlete is interested in earning this award, please have them reach out to their head coach.  Below is a list of the athletes who have earned the Gospel Award to date.

Girls Cross Country

  • Saylor Lancaster

  • Taylor Neil

  • Hailey Ready

  • Eliya Sica

Girls Volleyball

  • Audrey Buis

  • J Burks

  • Naomi Drook

Girls Soccer

  • Hannah Kennedy

  • Jocelyn Radke

  • Martina Turnmire

Boys Soccer

  • Griffin Parker