Baseball Frequently Asked Questions

Baseball FAQ

Q: When is the Indy Genesis Baseball Season?

A: We will participate along with the IHSAA baseball season, end of March thru the end of May.

Q: When and where are practices?

A: We will begin winter workouts for the upcoming season starting in December. Our winter workouts will be held at Beech Grove High School. Practices during the season (when we are able to get outside) we hope to hold them at Sarah T Bolton park in Beech Grove. There may be a change to this.

Q: Where and when are games?

A: We will be playing local high schools, at this point we don't have a home field so all the scheduled games are away games. We are currently working on getting us home field for future use.

Q: Is there a uniform?

A: Yes we will have uniforms for our team. The participation cost will include the purchase of the uniforms.

Q: What are the ages of players that can participate?

A: At this point we only have a varsity level team, we hope to in the future to have a JV and even a middle school team. The preferred age is 9th grade thru 12th grade students. There may be exceptions for more advanced/skilled junior high students.

Q: Does my child need previous baseball experience?

A: Baseball can be a dangerous sport and experience is helpful, with that said if your student is athletic and can learn the game quickly then experience is not a must.

Q: Does the team travel?

A: Yes, we will travel mainly around central Indiana locations. We will also be participating in an end of the year homeschool tournament that will be held in Louisville KY. This may also change in the future, however our main goal is to not have any extra cost to the families of our players.

Q: How do I register?

A: Please use the registration page on the Indy Genesis website

Q: How much does it cost for my student to play?

A: This has not been fully configured, however our goal is to make playing baseball very affordable for our families.

Q: Are all players homeschooled?

A: Yes!! Indy Genesis is a homeschool organization, and it is required that all players are homeschooled!

Q: Is insurance provided?

A: In the case of injury on the field of play or practice, Indy Genesis provides coverage for all athletes.

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