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Core Values

Core Values

The values of Genesis are our guiding principles for what matters.  They direct our actions and serve as the filter for making decisions. Our three core values are Spiritual Growth, Excellence, and Community. Our values, along with a definition and specific examples, are shared below.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

"Genesis provides its athletes with intentional opportunities to grow spiritually through many aspects of each sport."  


Below are examples of living out our core value of Spiritual Growth.

Leading Devotions at Practice.png

Leading Devotions

High school players share God’s word and its application as part of the devotions at the end of each practice.

Coaches Impact

Coaches teach deeper biblical principles for life throughout the season.  Will Kult shares in front of his church about the impact of his Genesis coach on him personally.


Older players pour into younger players and encourage spiritual growth.  This video of Elizabeth Ebersole getting baptized shares the impact of Genesis team on her coming to faith in Jesus Christ 

serving others.jpg

Athletes serve others in need in the community. These pictures are from a group of athletes across sports packing meals for Midwest Food Bank for inner city families as well as for kids in Haiti.


The highest honor given in Genesis is the Gospel Award. It is given to the high school athlete who memorizes the key scripture verses of the gospel and shares the bridge illustration with the verses with their team and the Director of Spiritual Growth.



"Genesis exemplifies integrity and excellence in both words and actions, thereby representing homeschooling well, while giving honor and glory to Jesus Christ."

Below are examples of living out our core value of Excellence.

SO State Champions.png

A Tradition of Success

Genesis has a tradition of success with many National Championships, Midwest Championships, State Championships, and Individual National Champions.

Untitled design.jpg

Genesis Phone App

Parents and athletes have important information available at their fingertips via the Genesis App.  It includes rosters, schedules, directories, ride map, photos, and org documents among other things.


Hosting Tournaments

Tournaments are one of the most fun and competitive environments in sports.  Genesis hosts many tournaments across sports including State Championships, Midwest Championships, and Invitationals.


Genesis provides a large physical education class to teach sports to homeschool kids in elementary, middle school, and high school ages.  There are fall and spring semester classes offered.


The Genesis Way

The Genesis Way is a core part of our culture that guides Genesis athletes' actions. It provides a summary of biblical truths that are applied to sports to serve as a guide for the actions of a Genesis athlete on and off the field.  It defines the culture of Genesis. 



"Genesis promotes opportunities for fellowship and connection of its athletes and families in an effort to promote strong community." 

Below are examples of living out our core value of Community.


Connecting Over Meals

Going out to eat together after games and tournaments is a common occurrence for athletes and families.


Brown County Camping

Every summer, we have an all-Genesis campout at Brown County State Park. It is a good time with smores, hiking, and campfire together across families.


Ice Skating

Winter time brings indoor activities at Perry Ice Rink. Homeschool Athletics Day goes there on many occasions for their athletes to enjoy some laughter and fun on the ice together.


Serving together across many sports and ages is a foundational piece of building community across homeschool families. This is a strength of being a very large organization - athletes can meet many new friends.


To build community amongst athletes and families, Genesis athletes are provided yard signs.  This allows the athlete to display to friends, family, and neighbors that they play sports with Genesis along with which sport.

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